Hey there…

I know I haven’t written anything here for ages! I decided not to or at least to pause it when I had exams and other things going on, and I wasn’t really feeling my best as I was going through a break up. Things have been much better since then for some time now thankfully but still I didn’t prioritise or even think about writing more blog posts. I’m still quite busy even in the summer now, but if you would want me to write something again just let me know! Or I’d be down if you’d want to connect with me in some other way. I know I don’t have a big audience here (it’s very much the opposite haha), I was just kind of writing things here for myself, not expecting anyone to see it! That’s why I left it anonymous. I did really enjoy it while I was writing the posts, so just let me know if you want to see this continue.

Thanks for sticking around with me, I really appreciate it!!


Music I enjoyed the most this year

I thought this post could be an inspiration for those who are looking for some new music to listen to, and I have few recommendations for albums that I have been really liking, most of which came out this year. Whenever I discover something I really like I seem to listen to it all the time on repeat,  which I am sure would be annoying to some people, but I like the way I familiarise myself with all the songs and I learn all the lyrics, so I can sing along to them. 🙂

I am not a music expert or anything so this will be just a quick post featuring my fave albums right now with a short description, especially as this is a very busy and chaotic time of the year for me and I don’t have too much time on my hands, so I hope that’s all right haha.

1. Everything You’ve Come To Expect by The Last Shadow Puppets

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt tlsp everything you've come to expect album

So my most favourite band ever probably is Arctic Monkeys, and I discovered The Last Shadow Puppets because Alex Turner is a singer in both of them. This was the second and long-awaited album and it is very dreamy and sexy. When I listen to it though it always reminds me of the grey and rainy Scotland as I was always listening to it on my way to uni in the mornings haha.

2. Cigarettes After Sex by Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex (album).png

This was the first time I learnt that there is a music genre called ambient pop and I absolutely love it, it makes you feel like you’re in a dream. It is very suitable for walking around in a city by yourself when you feel melancholic about your relationships, and the lyrics transform you to a different place and you begin to feel like the things the singer talks about happened to you because the sound is so intimate.

3. Digital Druglord by Blackbear

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov

I’d listented to music by Blackbear a couple of years prior to this album and it sort of surprised me because I only heard acoustic songs about love by him, and this one is a rap and hip-hop album (although as I said I’m no music expert so I really don’t know haha) and the lyrics are very bitter, talking about ex-girlfriends and all that. Very good album for after a breakup, let me tell you that.

4. Melodrama by Lorde

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov

I enjoyed Lorde’s first album so I was excited to hear the next one, and of course I fell in love with it. Reminds me of the summertime because I was listening to it loads back home during my holiday.

5. Lust for Life by Lana Del Rey

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov

Another album that reminds me of the summer. She is such a sweetheart and I have enojoyed all her albums so far. It’s really cool that she got to collaborate with Sean Lennon for one of the songs. 🙂

6. Is This It by The Strokes

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt is this it the strokes

The Strokes is a genius rock band and this is an older album but I only properly listened to it this year. Their music is so different in the best way possible and so specific to them haha, don’t know how to explain it. I really like their style and I feel sort of nostalgic for something I haven’t experienced when I listen to them.

7. Villains by The Queens of the Stone Age

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt villains queens of the stone age

Another genius rock band right here, and lots of amazing songs on this album. And another one that I listened to during this summer so I’ll probably always associate it with it. It’s so funny to me how we attach memories to certain songs and always remember what we did and felt during the time we listened to them, do you think so as well?

Let me know if you’ve enjoyed any of these albums too and definitely leave me some recommendations. 🙂

Blackbear concert

I have been listening to Blackbear for about three years now, so six months ago when a world tour was announced and I saw that he was coming to Glasgow as well I was really excited. I immediately got a ticket even though the concert was supposed to be in the middle of the week and I hadn’t gotten my timetable for the next semester yet, but I thought it didn’t matter and I’d just make it work. 😀 It takes three hours on the bus to get from Aberdeen to Glasgow so I was thinking of maybe staying in Glasgow for one night at least.

Then later on I found out that I got a place at a hospital placement which is a part of my Bachelor’s degree, and that it will be during the concert as well. As the concert was going to be on a Tuesday and the placement is from 9 to 5, I was a bit nervous about how I was going to attend it. I still really wanted to go so I bought the bus tickets anyway, but I couldn’t stay in Glasgow for the night and I would have to return on the very same day. Six hours on the bus althogether in one day – a bit rough but possible haha.

Thankfully, on the day of the concert I finished the placement earlier than expected so I took the earlier bus and I managed to see the whole concert. It was so much fun, the singer was amazing and everyone was just singing along and dancing. 🙂 He sang some songs from each album and it was just super cool to see him live.




This was the first concert that I attended of somebody that I really liked and wanted to see, mostly because not a lot of bands visit Slovakia. So as I am in Scotland now and many bands come to Glasgow, I took the chance and I will be hopefully going to be seeing more bands eventually. I have my eye out on Arctic Monkeys, Chvrches and Cigarettes After Sex for example.

After the Blackbear concert which I thoroughly enjoyed and wished it lasted longer, I had to take the bus back to Aberdeen but I had a little more time left before so I stopped by at the Glasgow Christmas market. The stalls were all closed because it was quite late at night but they still had all the lights on and you could walk around in the square. It was really beautiful and a lot bigger than the Christmas market in Aberdeen. I’m thinking of going to the Edinburgh Christmas market next year because now I haven’t had a lot of time because of the placement, and I heard that is it huge and wonderful so I’d definitely like to see it someday.



Have you been to a lot of concerts? Who would you like to see perform the most? 🙂

Is hygge in Scotland?

You might have heard about the new(ish) Scandinavian trend called hygge: the cosy feeling you get when you are surrounded by your close friends or family and you all share a candlelit homemade dinner, or when you read a book by a fireplace in warm woollen socks while a storm is going on outside, or when you stumble upon a café or a bar with acoustic music playing where you get hot tea when you want to escape the rain outside. It’s obvious that there are many situations where you might feel hygge and it has to do with feeling safe and welcome in a cosy place with a comforting drink or food shared with good company.

Hygge has been known and articulated in the Scandinavian culture for a long time and it is the reason for which they are consecutively voted the happiest countries in the world – because when you feel hygge you feel happy, even though in the winter months it might seem unlikely because of the miserable weather. Only recently hygge has been talked about in other countries as well and people want to achieve hygge more actively. There have been books written about it (I can recommend The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well by Meik Wiking if you want to learn more about it) and people have been inspired to buy candles, drink tea and go on trips to cottages, which I think is a pretty good trend! 😀 It makes us feel that we are more in control of our happiness because you can easily take care of the cosy factors like lighting up the candles, inviting your friends over or wearing your favourite huge scarf to protect yourself from the cold on your walk.

I have tried to identify the situations in which I feel hygge so that I can plan them more often, like spending an evening talking and laughing with family on a sofa with hot drinks and candles, sleeping in a cabin in a remote place and/or hanging around with friends while doing barbecue to name a few. You don’t need a lot to create hygge, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money or anything. Hygge is about realising that even the simplest things can bring us happiness and we should cherish them more.

Hygge is very well known is Scandinavia, so I started wondering whether it’s as popular in Scotland as it’s quite a similar country regarding the climate and it’s close in its location as well. What I thought about first is that they don’t have the word equivalent to hygge, there’s the word cosy which doesn’t entirely represent hygge apparently and I don’t even hear cosy used that much. On the other hand they do drink a lot of tea of course, and candles and fairy lights are quite popular which bring about the hygge atmosphere. You can also find lots of cute cafés (Coffee House if you’re in Aberdeen), parks, small concerts and beaches in Scotland where you would definitely feel hygge, but I don’t think that many people know about the concept of hygge and how it affects our happiness, and maybe that is why Scotland isn’t voted to be one of the happiest countries in the world.

They do have hygge occasions like the bonfire night where you spend the wintery evening with friends and family, light a fire, watch fireworks and eat good and comforting food. Then Christmas of course, which I’m sure is a big hygge factor everywhere in the world where it is celebrated. They also enjoy doing barbecues throughout the year, and turn even the regular evenings spent with friends into hygge, even though they might not be aware that it’s called hygge.

As the Christmas season is coming closer, you can definitely notice the increase of opportunities for hygge, for example in all cities and towns in Scotland I’m pretty sure you can find a Christmas market with lots of food and souvenirs, but especially the lights make it magical. In Aberdeen all along the Union street, which is the main street, you can see huge Christmas-themed lights which bring an amazing atmosphere that I’m looking forward to. It makes everything nicer even though you feel like you are about to freeze outside.







You can definitely find hygge in Scotland; you might just have to look for it a bit more.

Is hygge important to you and to people in your country? What are some of your favourite hygge moments? 🙂

Visiting Crathes castle

This month there was an autumn fair at the Crathes castle with lots of different jewellery, clothes, decorations and food so my friend and I decided to go and have a look. I’d never visited the castle before and I had my eye on it for a long time, so it seemed like a great opportunity. Luckily it turned out to be a very sunny (although cold), beautiful autumn day, and it didn’t take long to get there because it’s not too far away from Aberdeen.



When you get off at the bus stop you will walk for about ten minutes on a path through a forest which is really nice, and you easily find the castle. It is quite similar to the other small castles that are in this area, comparable to the Drum castle and castle Fraser that I visited last year (so many castles around here!).



There was an admission fee to get to the fair, and I think that there is a fee for a ticket all year round to get into the castle. First we went to the stalls inside the castle and then there were some outside too. Both me and my friend only bought cheese haha, we got to try it out and it was so good! I got smoked cheddar and cheddar with garlic and chives and I will bring them to my parents for the holidays.




There is a big garden just outside the castle you can walk around in, and it was really pretty and looked after but I’m sure it must look even better in spring and summer when everything is in bloom. There was a greenhouse as well and it looked very cute and colourful.



Then as we were walking back to the bus stop I noticed a field with Highland cows and it made me very happy to see them again haha, they are just so sweet with their ginger fringes.


I’d recommend you to visit the castle if you’re in the area as it is very charming; especially if there’s a fair as well it would be worth it to go because you could buy lots of traditional Scottish products.

I hope that everything is going well with you and that you’re not too tired of school/work yet, but if yes then don’t worry because the holidays will be here soon. 🙂 It seems to be going really quickly, I feel like I’ve only just started my second year of university and I’m almost halfway through already. Does it seem to be going too quickly for you as well?


Pancake love

Do you agree with me that breakfast food is the best food of the day? I could eat it for every meal of the day. Especially when it comes to pancakes, sometimes I end up making them way too often haha. There’s just something about them, when you start your day by indulging on the tasty and warm pancakes straight from the pan. They are also really good because you can make them in multiple ways and both sweet and savoury.

Only recently I tried making them savoury for the first time and I really liked the result, so I thought I could share the recipe with you so that you can try them out too. I made more of them and brought some to uni as lunch with me the next day so they are very convenient as well – and who doesn’t want pancakes for lunch?

I made spinach pancakes with sour cream, smoked mackarel and more spinach 😀 I’m sorry if you’re vegan haha, but let me know if you’d want to see some vegan recipes too. I’m sure you could substitute the milk in the pancakes for a non-dairy milk and choose a different filling for them. I’m not sure what you would substitute the eggs for, maybe a flaxseed egg? Feel free to write your ideas in the comments. 🙂

I used:

  • 500 ml milk
  • around 200 g spelt flour (depends on the consistency of the batter, it shouldn’t be too runny or too thick – you will find out after a few attempts)
  • 3 eggs
  • a pinch of salt
  • a handful of baby spinach

Just mix it thorouhly with a blender, heat up some oil in a non-stick pan and try out your first pancake. It should be a bit golden brown on both sides when it’s done but it will be mostly green obviously which is pretty cool.



You can choose pretty much anything you like as your filling, I went for the smoked mackarel, baby spinach and sour cream and it worked as a really tasty combination.



If you separate out some batter before you blend in the spinach leaves, you can use it for making sweet pancakes too. You could have them as a dessert or as breakfast the next morning. I like having mine with honey, cinnamon and yogurt, or sometimes I’ll make an apple sauce with cinnamon – I do add cinnamon to everything haha.


Does your favourite pancake recipe differ from mine? And if you know any great pancake ideas, let me know so that I can use it as an excuse to have more pancakes. 😛

Bonfire night

This year I was invited to my first ever British bonfire night for the 5th November, also known as the Guy Fawkes night. It meant hot dogs, fireworks, good company and a huge bonfire of course.

When I was growing up I had no idea that this night was celebrated, I probably  heard about it for the first time during one of my English classes on British traditions. I didn’t realise though how big of a thing it is until I’ve been living in the UK, you can definitely notice all the fireworks during pretty much the whole first week of November.

Last year there was supposed to be a big annual firework show in Aberdeen but it got cancelled due to bad weather (not surprising), so I was gutted not to see it. This year though it worked out and it was really impressive, there was also music going on and it was all Disney themed which was really cute. If you’re in whichever larger city in the UK during the Guy Fawkes night I would definitely recommend you not to miss it, the Brits take it seriously so they put a lot of effort into the fireworks.

As I mentioned I was also invited for a bonfire night at a house of a lovely family, they built a large bonfire which was later at night lit up and it was pretty impressive. Food is also a big part of it and traditionally they have hot dogs, hot drinks and lots of cakes. I really enjoyed this night, there is something magical about watching the fireworks and the sparks of the bonfire with the people you like, breathing in the cold air but feeling the warmth of the fire. It was a fun night with lots of laughter, sparklers and getting to know very nice people.

I hope you’ve had a good start to November as well, and let me know if you’ve ever celebrated the Guy Fawkes night too. 🙂


A day in Stonehaven

A few weeks ago when I happened to have no classes one day, I decided to go on a day trip to Stonehaven, which is a small coastal town near Aberdeen. It’s easy to get there, it’s just a half an hour drive on the bus. I had been there once before but it was a year and a half ago so I thought I could refresh my memory a bit.

First I walked up a hill to go and see the war memorial from the World War I and II. From there you get a beautiful view on the city and the North Sea, and you can almost see the Dunnotar Castle from there as well.









After seeing the memorial I continued walking to go to see the castle. It’s a stunning ruined castle, surrounded by the sea. You can go inside as well for an admission fee but as I had already visited it I didn’t go inside again, I just admired it from afar haha.








Then I walked all the way back to the centre of Stonehaven to go and have a look at the beach promenade. It wasn’t sunny unfortunately and there weren’t a lot of people, I remember the last time I was there the weather was amazing so lots of people came out onto the beach, so when the sun is out the Scots are always outside too haha.


The birthplace of the deep fried Mars bar 😀



At the beach promenade there is a famous ice cream parlour called Aunty Betty’s where apparently they have amazing ice cream. I’ve never tried it but my friend told me that it’s not as good as the Italian gelato. But what I like is that they put all kinds of toppings and sprinkles on it so it looks very tasty haha. And right next to it is also a famous Fish and Chips place and there are always people there so I assume that it indeed is very good.


In the centre of Stonehaven there is a main square called the Market Square where you can find all kinds of different shops. Keep in mind though that it’s a small town so for actually going shopping I’d recommend Aberdeen, haha.


So that was my trip to Stonehaven, a cute little town by the beach with impressive sights like the castle and the war memorial. When you’re in the area I’d defnitely recommend you to come to visit it, the nature coupled with the sea view is absolutely beautiful. There are lots of towns like this quite nearby so hopefully I’ll get to visit them when I have some free time again. 🙂

Boundary between consuming content and living your own life

Is it just me or do we all sometimes forget about everything when we discover something new and dive deep into it? Be it a gripping Netflix show (hello there Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy), a Youtube channel or a great book? We put our lives on hold and just consume as much as we can. In the back of our minds we know that we should be doing something else but the idea of it seems so boring that we rather procrastinate. I might be exaggerating right now but we do sometimes change our priorities if we find this new shiny thing and put a lot of our time into it. The worst thing is that it doesn’t give us anything back in return, consuming is in a lot of cases just a waste of our time. The books are an exception here, I don’t consider it a waste of time at all although if we read a lot of books it still might count as procrastination if you read instead of doing what you have to do.

You may say that watching TV shows and Youtube does give us something back, like relaxation and entertainment, which is of course true, but only if you don’t do it all day. There are many other ways where you can get relaxation and entertainment too and they don’t all involve consuming someone else’s content. We should focus more on creating things ourselves because that’s when our brains learn and develop, not when they just watch other people’s creations and don’t do anything themselves. That’s why I actually started this blog, as I didn’t feel like I was creating anything because I was never really into arts and I’m studying science, so I needed at least one outlet like this to help me feel more creative.

Another problem I have with this apart from the procrastination and numbing our brains, is that we watch or read about other people’s lives instead of doing the experiences ourselves. We might feel just like that book character as we’re reading it – that we’re going on an adventure with them, but in the end you realise that you didn’t do anything, you just sat at the same spot all this time. Again I’m not saying that books are bad in any way, we definitely should read because it improves us in a lot of ways, but we shouldn’t just read about people traveling, creating friendships and going through so many experiences, we should also go out there and make the things happen to us. What point is in only reading books and not doing anything interesting in the real life ourselves?

Worse case scenario for me is the same but with TV shows and especially Youtube. You literally just watch other people do things instead of doing the amazing things or even not that great things yourself (not all experiences will be good and we need to learn how to deal with the negative situations too). I realised this while I was watching this Youtuber’s daily vlogs and I started to feel weird about how I was just watching somebody else’s life instead of living my own – what a weird concept? Then I said to myself that I should focus more on my life and not be just passive and experience things through someone else. Don’t get me wrong, even while I was watching Youtube more often I was still meeting my friends, hung out with my family and revised for school, but I decided to cut back on Youtube a little more, not to watch as many daily vlogs and to try to seek the experiences I could actually experience in my own skin.

I do still have to remind myself of these things if I feel like I get caught up in something, but generally I prefer going out to do something rather than just sitting inside my room all day filling my head with nothing meaningful. I want my memories to be filled with exciting moments instead of the times I binge-watched some TV show haha. That’s why I think about the boundary between consuming content and living our own lives so much.

Does this all make sense to you? Do you know what I mean? Let me know whether you’re trying to cut back a little on consuming content as well to be able to create more and to have as many real life experiences as you can. 🙂

Turmeric tofu with millet

This recipe I will show you is really easy and tasty, you don’t need a lot of ingredients for it and it’s very budget friendly. I make this kind of recipes quite often, where you need just millet, vegetables and some tofu. As you will see I like bringing this kind of meals to university as lunch because all the food at the cafeteria is overpriced of course so I prefer to prepare my own food.

I’ve talked about millet before and this is one of my favourite ways to cook it. What you’ll need is cooked millet, tofu, turmeric, olive oil and salt (I normally use chopped onion as well but unfortunately I didn’t have any when I was cooking it). You can have it with a side of salad for example.

To cook the millet you will first need to pour hot water over it wash it, and then cook it for about 10 minutes until it’s all fluffy.


While it’s cooking you will mash up your tofu with the back of a fork.


And then add it to a pan with olive oil (or other kind of oil that you have), turmeric, salt and some black pepper, and fry it until it starts to turn golden – which might be a bit tricky to see as it’s all yellow because of the turmeric haha, it will take about 15 minutes though. If you’re using the onion too (it does taste better with it), you would first fry just the chopped onion on the oil and once it looks golden you would add the turmeric, tofu and salt.


When you think the tofu is fried enough turn off the cooker and add the cooked millet just so it’s all mixed together, looking beautifully yellow.


Add some more salt if you need to and choose your side to go with it, I went for lettuce, cucumber and parsley. I prepared it for my lunch the next day to take to uni with me, as I always do when I have classes all day.


Let me know what you think! I also started to eat more quinoa because it’s so widely available in the UK so I’ve been trying out different recipes with it too. If you know about any good recipes in which quinoa or millet are used tell me abut it in the comments. 🙂