New Slains Castle

A couple of months ago I went to see the New Slains Castle in Scotland which was just a 45 minute drive away from Aberdeen. The walk from the parking lot was through a forest, in which we saw a cute little bunny. 🙂 And when you walk out of it you see these amazing cliffs which instantly evoke Scotland for me.




The New Slains Castle is a ruined castle and it overlooks the North Sea. It’s really impressive to see the castle on the cliffs and you get a beautiful view from there. The thing that intrigued me the most about it is that the castle was an inspiration for the Dracula’s castle for the author of Dracula, Bram Stoker. He’s from Ireland but he was invited to visit it by the castle’s owner, and you can absolutely see what could have inspired him to make it into a terrifying home for a vampire, especially if the weather was miserable and the waves were crashing against the cliffs – and there was also a staircase that led into a pitch black basement, which I definitely didn’t go into haha. I haven’t read Dracula yet but once I do it will be easier to imagine it I’m sure. 😀








I’d definitely recommend visiting this castle when you’re in the North East of Scotland, especially if you’re a fan of Dracula or if you just like cool castles on cliffs. 🙂 There’s no admission fee and there weren’t loads of tourists as it’s in quite a remote area. Not too far away are also beautiful sandy beaches so we went to one to hopefully see some seals (it’s always too cold to swim in the North Sea unfortunately). We got to see only one seal but it was worth it going to the beach because it was so peaceful (hardly anybody else was there) and I had never seen sand dunes before.




Overall it was just an amazing day, and it was also one of my last days in Scotland before I went home for the summer. I’ll be back in September and I’ll make sure to go on lots of other trips around Scotland to make the most of it while I’m there. 🙂



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